Geno Cochino

Geno Cochino’s hard earned veteran experience in all genres of Bass music have helped him to ignite dance floors and make waves in the dance music community since day one. With years spent studying music and touring in bands, including The Bay Area based World Fusion group Hamsa Lila, Geno was able to tap into new music styles and learn various instruments including the Morrocan Guimbri and the Turkish Saz. His varied musical influences include everything from heavy metal, punk, and hip hop to all styles of early electronic music.

When Geno stepped into the EDM scene in 2004 he helped to push an emerging sound from London that came to be known as dubstep and grime. He’s had various releases alongside veteran producer SPL including 2013′s chart topping E.P. BOUNCE, as well as new music on the way from his project “Smokey and The Bandit” and his forthcoming releases under his own imprint West Side Dubz.

Geno continues to move into the future with no hesitation to embrace new and emerging genres of dance music as well as infuse it all with a blast of musicality. He also hosts a weekly radio show on the London based, award winning internet radio station SUB.FM where he showcases new and emerging artists as well as special guests and his own productions.