DJ/Producer Heartwreck (secret identity: Lauren Clayton) is an unstoppable tour-de-force in the electronic music and festival scene. Not because she’s one of a handful of females in a predominantly male-dominated industry, but because her sensual beats are always heart-pounding showstoppers.

Fresh off of the release of her first EP “Heart Flurries”, this Salt Lake City local is turning heads and making waves with her unique approach to what she calls “headboard rockin’, booty droppin bass. Its a fusion of vibey, dreamy bass with a hint of dirty grit. And her music is just that: sexy. From sultry bass lines, to hipbone grinding thumps, Heartwreck’s unique blend of melodies and rhythms are like a sonic love potion. You can’t help but get down on the dance floor and secretly hope that the vibe will lead to “do not disturb” sign dangling from your door knob.