Tom Kremer, the mastermind behind the musical life-force of No Thing, is an electronic music producer and DJ currently rooted in Los Angeles. Currently focused on his fresh collaboration with Noah D – “LOST CITY”.

The aim of Lost City is to bring a unique, new twist on the Jungle sound the two fell in love with over ten years ago by combining new structures, tempos and styles with the traditional breaks, sub bass and Reggae influences found in Jungle. T he duo calls this new amalgamation of the old and new simply, “JNGL”.

For the past ten years No Thing has been collaborating with powerhouse producers like Noah D, Antiserum, Truth, Babylon System, and SPL. Tunes like Fully Loaded, Examination of Time, Murderous, Gangster and “All as One” made it to the playlists of Skream, Bassnectar, N-Type, Plastician and Excision.