Noah D

Los Angeles-based Noah D is a sophisticated electronic music composer as well as an enigmatic and saturated live performer. As an artist’s artist, his heavy and hypnotic bass music is preceded by an expectation of the uncommon mastery that comes with over 10 years production experience. While his work can deliver aggressive and substantial tracks, the sound avoids the overt focus on noise that characterizes the harder bass music genres. An expert at slipping from the hard to the smooth and sexy, Noah D carries a history of Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae and West Coast bass music into the present.

Before 2008, Noah D released on popular Drum & Bass labels such as Renegade Recordings, Human Imprint, Trouble On Vinyl and Pure Vibez and gained support from leading acts in his genre such as DJHype and Dieselboy. A year later he received recognition and support from Skream, Bassnectar, N-Type,and Plastician, with play on BBC’s Radio 1, Rinse FM, and Kiss for his anthem track “Seeeriousss.” His pioneering contributions to the now-popular dubstep movement brought a signing to LA-based SMOG records in 2011 with the release of his debut LP in 2012. Noah D’s ‘Perspective’ LP featured collaborations from talented vocalists in the areas of Hip Hop, Dancehall, Grime and R’n’B and showcases the reputation for depth and diversity that precedes him.

While his original productions are designed to become the soundtrack to his fans daily lives, the energy of Noah D’s live show takes on a life of it’s own. Tuning into the aesthetic that is unique to each crowd and room, performing in the traditional freestyle DJ method is a skill he still enjoys flexing. Ever set is different and no genre is off-limits.“All these styles can work if you pick the right moments. I find those type of sets to be more free flowing, exciting and memorable. They come to life and and become unique.” On the horizon, Noah D is looking towards a variety of singles that allow him the freedom to test the waters as bass music evolves. With the family vibe of the SMOG crew, and his interest in keeping US Bass Music releases reflecting the diversity of sound in the genre, we can forecast the unpredictable. The only rule for Noah D is “If it doesn’t move me, then I’m not interested”.