From day one, over a decade ago, there’s been a ever-driving force in the Northwest EDM scene that has expanded to international levels.  As a DJ, Sidestep has been known to gain ownership of a dance floor with his varied styles of breaks, drum and bass, dubstep, glitch hop, and moombahton.  His stylings have garnered sets alongside some of the largest artists in the world and his name has become synonymous with packed dance floors, ecstatic crowds, and high energy sets.

As a producer, Sidestep has released a number of tracks on Drop the World Records, often with respected producer, Curtis B.  His music has hovered in the top of Beatport’s charts with a high volume of downloads and have been championed by many major artists, blogs and radio shows.  His production prowess continues to grow, etching a role in the international dance community that is launching his career to new heights.

As a promoter, Sidestep has been instrumental in revolutionizing the EDM scene in his home town of Portland, OR.  Founding the titan of promotion companies, Red Cube Productions, Sidestep has seen to it that just about every name of note within the electronic music industry has made an appearance in Portland.  Red Cube’s events route all the major tours through the humble town, regularly sell out, and have gained a following of devoted fanatics who have helped make the company one of the top teams on the West Coast. 

Between being one of the driving forces in the Northwest’s music scene, a regular DJ schedule, and finding time to return to the studio to work on the next releases, Sidestep displays an undeterring determination, boundless passion, and a deep understanding of the scene and life in which he’s involved himself.  Promoter, DJ, and producer fall short as labels for this individual:  Sidestep is an industry pioneer.