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Buddhaful offers clothing that promises a strong, positive and conscious message while maintaining a high degree of original artistic integrity and style…AND…wearing Buddhaful clothes might cause random jumping, leaping, bounding, excited, loving behavior! Sold worldwide…coming to you at WTF?!

cicle coture

Circle Couture

Circle Couture is clothing and costumes created from eco-friendly and up-cycled fibers, made entirely in Portland, Oregon. All garments are hand made, long lasting, sexy (for both men and women), and made to move and play in. Ann likes to think about clothing design as if she were making clothing for time travelers, using classic and timeless concepts that span the vastness of the human experience through out the ages, crossing
cultures, and pushing boundaries.

ear emporium

Ear Emporium

Wooden Jewelry and Gifts; Handmade in Humboldt County, CA. Sustainably Harvested and Organic Earrings, Plugs, Hangers, Pendants, Pins and much more!

heady hq

Heady HQ

Heady HQ is your local NW home front for next level hats and headware. Come scope our exclusive one of kind collection of hand painted and hand made masterpieces created by amazing artists throughout the country. Our collective proudly offers the best brands in the business when it comes to delivering high quality limited edition hats. Hat Heaven awaits you, do please come through and get your head back in the game.

high desert lotus

High Desert Lotus

A Central Oregon boutique featuring hand-crafted urban-eclectic jewelry by Joelle Lenay. Conscious clothing by Inkspoon, Rise, Off The Grid, and more.


Illuminated Forest Artist Collective

Here’s your chance to take home some of the amazing creations of the artists curated as a part of WTF’s Illuminated Forest. Their booth in the marketplace will be selling prints of the artists who are painting at the festival and whatever else they bring, including Shirts, leggings, jewelry and more.

Timeless Creations & LeoRevolt Swimwear

LeoRevolt Swimwear & Timeless Creations

Timeless Creations is a small grassroots clothing company that wanted to capture the beauty of the natural elements not only in a garment, but also in an all-encompassing lifestyle. Using fractal imagery & sacred geometry, we screen print our original designs onto garments and fabrics, all sustainably made with the earth in mind. We also collaborate with artists from all groups to bring you visionary art from the West Coast! Timeless isn’t just another clothing company, we create with intention to help elevate each other through art and community.

LeoRevolt pays homage to a unique bohemian style, a hint of rock and roll, a healthy does of classic Americana, with a hint of that true “girl” we all have inside. Any woman who is active, stylish, enjoys a unique yet powerful swimsuit, and has a calling for music will enjoy what LeoRevolt has to offer. The colors, lifestyle theme, and swimsuit silhouettes are very relevant for now-current trends.

light fantastic

Light Fantastic

A one-woman business hand-making wearable art that is illuminated with bright, efficient LED lights. My pieces are eclectic and one-of-a-kind, incorporating a range of materials and construction techniques. Light Fantastic is for all genders and most lifestyles, anyone who wants to be seen in the dark!

local lenses

Local Lenses

Local Lenses started with humble beginnings and good friends. We pride ourselves on being involved in our community. We are committed to supporting local charities, music culture, and athletes. Our major cause for 2014 is planting trees. For every pair of sunglasses or shirt we sell, we have 1 tree planted. Local Lenses is all about having fun in the sun, loving life, positivity, and giving back… all while looking good.

mind honey

Mind Honey Clothing

We are intergalactic citizens vibrating at a high frequency, living in a world of infinite beauty. As creators of Mind Honey, we search for meaning in all that surrounds us, while on a quest to share our gifts. We desire to bring awareness to the Eleventh Dimension – and remind our fellow earthlings we can all find inspiration and enlightenment from our planet, our galaxy, our universe, and beyond. Merging the medium of graphic design with the ability to channel art and enlightenment through apparel, Mind Honey transcends traditional thinking with our dream to share the knowledge of higher planes of consciousness to each person who encounters our works of art.

As Intellectual Nectar Collectors, our designs aim to transform our fellow bees to a higher level of awareness. This is achieved by sharing waves of cosmic energy through symbols, motifs, and sacred knowledge of the universe, crafted into meaningful designs that bring delight to the eye and the mind.

new growth

New Growth

New Growth Clothing is an Eco-Friendly company that specializes in making the most comfortable and sustainable apparel on the market. It is more than just clothing, its a piece of ART!



Plantlife is a organic design based company in Bend, OR. that strives to show the beautiful relationship between natures geometric patterns and the forces and frequencies that bind us all. Using paintings and prints, clothing, design, music and stained glass terriums to express our message. Blended layers of geometric and multidimensional visions.

psychic readings

Psychic Readings by Jenna & Samantha

Find us at the Shinto a GoGo in The Illuminated Forest! Jenna and Samantha offer psychic readings to give you clear communication to and reflections of your highest self and true essence to bring you into deeper harmony and balance with what you value, love and aspire to create. Gain insight into your spiritual path through personal sacred geometry readings or spirit-to-spirit communication.

ragz 2 muffinz

Ragz 2 Muffinz

Ragz 2 muffinz is a clothing company that encompass’ what it is to be an indivudaul; unique in our passion for all artisic expression. 2nd to none and as always, clothing is optional.



Rythmatix is a west coast art-driven brand that fuses geometric with organic to create natural rhythms. Stop by to see the forward thinking 2014 collection.

sticks and stones

Sticks & Stones Accessories

Originating in the Pacific Northwest, Sticks & Stones was founded on the principle that re-purposed natural materials could be utilized in the construction of sustainable jewelry and accessories. Using materials such as reclaimed exotic wood, elk antler sheds, prehistoric ivories, fine metals, seashells and gemstones, Sticks & Stones spearheaded the movement of uniting nature and modern design with uniquely handmade products.

Sticks & Stones’ in-house manufacturing is an intricate process of technology and skilled craftsmanship. Each product goes through various stages of preparation, sanding and dipping in a custom oil blend. The oil not only cures and protects the wood but also enhances the wood’s luster. The strength and durability of these products are a testament to the quality of the material and craftsmanship that is invested in each piece. // STRENGTH IN LAYERS /// ALL PRODUCTS ARE HANDCRAFTED IN PORTLAND, OR USA.

talisman designs

Talismana Designs

Fashion with mojo and meaning ~ Canvas pocket belts, bustles, bloomers, jewelry for the feral ~ Urban tribal style infused with old soul.

third eye pinecones

Third Eye Pinecones

Third Eye Pinecones are a new form of organic jewelry hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest pinecone. For every pendant that’s sold, a tree is planted – ensuring Third Eye Pinecones don’t take from the forest, but actively contribute to its future health and well-being! Check out our awesome new website, for full product line, and to learn more about the mystical history and symbolism of the Pinecone.



therethere is about pride of place. That place where you feel connected – your
hometown, new town, or anywhere your memories live. Artists have created expressions of the local everyday, to help deepen your connections to this place. For each shirt you purchase, we donate a portion of the proceeds to local organizations working to strengthen your community. Every time you put this on, you’re helping to create a there, there.


TORRAIN Recycled Bags

TORRAIN Recycled Bags are vibrant and durable – perfect for all your traveling needs! TORRAIN is dedicated to providing sustainable products and to fostering communities both local and abroad. Defend Your Turf with a TORRAIN Bag!

vintage a gogo

Vintage A Go Go

Vintage A Go Go is a traveling boutique located inside a 1979 pink converted school bus. We’ll bring you an eclectic mix of clothes right where you want them, while serving as a vehicle for you to support local artists.

whisky and lace

Whiskey, Ink & Lace

A collection of bath & body goods with rustic & eccentric flair that will treat your life to a li’l handcrafted lovin’. We make beard oils, beard balms, lotions, lip balms, and more with only all natural ingredients.