We are extremely excited to announce that What The Festival will exclusively feature Funktion-One sound systems at all our stages. Whether you’re hanging out at the WTF Stage, EFFIN Stage, or the Splash Pool Stage, you will be greeted by iconic and legendary Funktion-One stacks and pristine sound quality.

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WTF Stage

Big sound, bigger vibes, and some of the biggest names around! The WTF main stage offers stellar sets from the best bands and producers working in electronica, indie crossover, and pure EDM. This is a dance floor you’ll never forget!


Effin Stage

Epic dancefloor vibes meets the vault of heaven at the Effin Stage, where top DJs and producers play a perfectly tuned system in a versatile environment. Best of the club meets the great outdoors!


Splash Stage

Cool off with the hotness! Like a beach party at 2,700 feet, this daytime stage is the Pacific Northwest’s biggest poolside dance party, and a signature of the WTF Experience!


OMG Lounge

We’re redesigning the OMG Lounge this year so that everyone (or at least, everyone over 21!) can enjoy the comforts and style of the OMG Lounge. Hosting a wide variety of DJ sets all day and into the night, this central venue lets you kick back—or jump up—to the tunes while sipping cocktails with friends new and old.


Late Option Lounge

The Late Option Lounge — LOL — is a live music stage set deep in the Illuminated Forest. Like a trip on the Night Bus, you can nestle into some pillows, sit back, and have your mind blown. By no means a “chill space”, The Late Option Lounge features lively vaudevillian performance, live bands, and indescribably strange shenanigans well into the night!


Silent Frisco

SCENE. NOT HEARD”: These words exemplify the mission and lifeblood of Silent Frisco. This San Francisco-based crew of sonic missionaries turns impossible public performance challenges into powerful outpourings of free expression. The premier choice of night time silent discos for festivals around the country, Silent Frisco goes live around the giant Disco Ball each night when the main sound systems go silent!



U9lift’s six’ underground sound is the revelation that time is round. Incorporating sounds and styles from times past with a strong emphasis on blues soul and early rock & roll over a dubbed out electronica framework. His unique style is warm and organic and he is most often recognized for his remix work of Alan Lomax field recordings of the 40s and 50s. For an experience that defies and defines genre his live instrumentation and electronica show is not to be missed.


Shouts! is a project by San Francisco bass music producer Jason C Apple. After many years of producing as Ground Control, Shouts! was created as an outlet for his weirder, more emotive music that nevertheless works a dancefloor. Focusing on deep house and garage, more than anything, Shouts! is about trying to figure out how sound becomes a feeling.