The Illuminated Forest

We invite you to create an experience in a forest of wonder,
to an endless soundscape of music and laughter,
where senses are expanded and imagination comes to life.
Welcome to “The Illuminated Forest,”
the portal to a world of interactive experience
that sparkles by day and is enlightened by night.

Experience Zones

The Creature Channel_Ghost Stag

The Creature Channel

Ghost Stag

The Illuminated Forest’s chill zone and VJ Stage, featuring Psi-Fi auditory expansion sound system & 3D Psiodelic Visual Experience! With chill tunes by The Creature Channel and special Guest VJ’s performing each and every night. Come experience ̊mind.control, warping you through a wormhole of sound.



DAbooth is a Portland-based photo booth experience exploring the creative edge of shooting and composition, to make each booth unique…because you are! After a year hiatus, DAbooth returns to WTF with an entire zone of photographic memories in the making.

Decked Out Cinema

Decked Out Cinema

Each night until dawn, WTF?! attendees will be able to journey into the forest and lay under the stars to experience our Decked Out Cinema. Featuring short, independent films from all over the world, you are guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before. This is the perfect place for these quiet moments when you need a breather from all of the festival fun.


Shinto A Go-Go

Night time lantern-lit Japanese Tea and Miso Lounge with Down-Temple DJs and Performers. By day a shady lounge offering Spa-ghetti Western services, transforming each night into shanti-fied Asian cowboy tea party!

Immersive Art

Audio Terranium Adventure Tucker Ghost Stag

Audio Teraniums

Tucker Teutsch 3.0 & Ghost Stag &

Chill inside a pair of enclosed intimate spaces and take a journey into the psychedelic soul of sound. Explore the music hidden all around you. Come ‘n’ ride the Funion Express!

Couch Armada

Couch Armada

Couch Armada

Catch a ride on Chassy the mobile couch down to the Late Option Lounge.

Domedecahedron_Symmetry Group


Symmetry Group

Light igloo for contemplating the universe.

Jump Wall Fred Knack

Jump Wall

Fred Knack

Plunge into the psychedelic pools of your own imagination.

Luminous Flux

Light Hive

Luminous Flux

Discover how to weave light through sound.

Meso Touch Jessey Zepeda


Jessey Zepeda

A psychedelic portal through the trees.

The Temple of Ita Vero_Andrew Yepello

The Temple of Ita Vero

Andrew Yepello

The forest is listening. See what she hears.

Web Garden Alchemy Arts Collective

Web Garden

Alchemy Arts Collective

Come get caught up in the tree tops.


Archive Lanters_Massive Flux

Archive Lanterns

Massive Flux

Lumens from light years away.

Chromofax Hijinks



Riding in motion through this year’s devotion.

Dopedechahedron Hijinks



A geometric puzzle of the trees.

LUX_Rebecca Garner


Rebecca Garner

Bioluminescent foliage lanterns.

Metal Mythos Richard Cawley

Metal Mythos

Richard Cawley

Anatomical wonders of mystical form.


Mirror Garden

Ghost Stag

Come and view your future through a maze of self-reflection.

Dreamcatchers Rachael Rice

Portal of Dreams

Rachael Rice

Cast your dreams into the heart of the forest.

Succulent Showers

Succulent Showers

Vicki Lynn Wilson & John Larsen

Blooming beauties that shine both day and night.

Warrior David Gelfand


David Gelfand

Illuminating your journey through the unknown.

Where The Wild Things Play

Where The Wild Things Play

Miki Masuhara-Page

Iconic characters of both forest and sea.


Christian Bannick
Christian Bannick

Illustrating portals to another dimension

Illuminating World_ Mykael David Lazzeri

Illuminating World

Mykael David Lazzeri

Transforming stone into artifacts of inspiration

Jeremiah Allen Welch
Jeremiah Allen Welch

Ancestral portraits of spirit and mind.

Submergence Dane Eisenbart


Dane Eisenbart

Mythical paintings of forest and ocean life.


Immersive Jelly

Ivan Mclean

Tactile stimulation for your entire being.


David Gelfand

Waiting and watching over your every need.


Elemental Energy

Charge your device & play Mario Cart by the power of sunshine.

Thank you to our partners at Ghost Stag Productions!
Ghost Stag