Art + Soul

Sculpture by the dozen and art by the ton! WTF invites large and small installation artists from all over the West Coast to show their stuff. Forget about stodgy museums and “please don’t touch the art” signs… this is your opportunity to get up close and personal with the art itself.

In 2014, we are happy to be bringing back some of the large art installations from years past, as well as new additions created just for the festival.

Bamboo Portals

Bamboo Portals

Alchemy Arts Collective

AAC’s mission is to invoke play in our culture through larger-than-life interactive sculptural art. Designs incorporate realms of childhood with the natural world, offering the gifts of feeling small, open and free to embrace our spirited inner child. At the heart of their creations lies the unwavering desire to connect with others. As they say, “we create spaces where people come to become.”


Live Interactive Murals

Xavi Panneton

For over a decade, Xavi has been a dynamic force in the global Visionary Art movement, bringing his vibrant paintings, live murals and multi-media art installations to festivals and venues around the world. Become part of the exciting action at WTF this year as Xavi creates a large scale “paint-by-numbers” mural which you help co-create!

Disco Ball


W. Glen Boyd and Ivan McLean
What can we say about the LARGEST disco ball in the Northwest? A central feature of WTF each year, this piece not only invites reflection, it creates it! Home to the late-night Silent Frisco every night of the festival, this epic ball of fun is sure to keep the party moving.



Michael Christian

We are happy to once again feature world-class installation artist Michael Christian to What The Festival! 2014. “Sphae” is beautiful, playful, and interactive. This surreal, ever-changing sculpture is inspired by the genius of nature, and it’s sure to make you smile!


Succulent Showers

Vicki Lynn Wilson + John Larsen

Foam, Steel, Fabric, Latex paint, Glitter, Acrylic coating, 15’ x 20’ x 20’. This was a temporary installation for the Scottsdale Public Art Program, shown here installed in Arizona at the Scottsdale Civic Mall. Succulent Showers new permanent home is in the WTF Illuminated Forest.



Rob Bell |

The Zomes of Rob Bell have delighted travelers far and wide who have been drawn to their alluring forms. The energy within harnesses a nostalgia for the primordial with a deeply meditated vision of the future. These beautiful inter-celestial escape capsules free the imagination from constraining thoughts and previous perceptions regarding structure.